First Flight Exotic Birds

Amazon parrots comprise many parrots that range in size from the small spectacled (white-fronted) amazon to the quite sizable double yellow-headed and mealy amazons.  They are more challenging pets and many species are more appropriate for people experienced with handling parrots. Some males can become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity. Gentle dominance training is essential. It is a good idea to teach amazons to step up on a stick on command for those times when they are ?overstimulated.?  These birds require strong, patient owners who understand their moods. Do plenty of research on behavior and training before buying one so you can build a strong foundation with the young bird.

Generally, the best talkers are double yellow heads, yellow napes, and blue fronts. Many of these birds can also become proficient singers. They are not shy and will often perform for strangers. Because of these characteristics, these parrots are often selected as performers in bird shows and at zoos.

Amazons tend to be more independent birds and can amuse themselves much of the day if they are given adequate toys and space. It is a good idea to give them a tower with many perches and toys for exercise and amusement. Generally, they do not develop feather picking problems the way many parrot species do, but they can if they are neglected, confined in small cages for long periods of time, and not stimulated with interaction and/or toys.