First Flight Exotic Birds

Caiques are extremely colorful birds. They are fairly small solid looking parrots with short square tails. Both species of Caique are generally considered to be 9? (23cm) in length but some of the subspecies are just a bit larger, such as the Yellow-thighed Caique. They are surprising long lived for a parrot of this size, often reaching 40 years or more.

White-bellied Caiques have a mostly orange colored head with the lores, sides of the head, and the throat being yellow. The back and wings are green and the breast and belly are creamy-white. The beak is horn colored and the eye is reddish-brown. The thighs and flanks are green on the White-bellied Caique P. l. leucogaster, yellow on the Yellow-thighed Caique P. l. xanthomeria, and the tail is yellow on the Yellowed-tailed Caique P. l. xanthurus.    On juveniles the head is more brownish scattered with black feathers, the beak has gray markings by the base, and the eye is brown.

Black-headed Caiques have a mostly black head with the cheeks, throat, thighs and flanks an orange-yellow. They also have an orange band across the hind neck bordered by a few bluish feathers. The back, wings, rump and upper tail are green and the breast and belly are creamy-white. The tip of the tail is yellow. The beak is gray-black and the eyes are orangish-red. The subspecies P. m. pallida have yellow on the throat, flanks, and thighs with the breast and belly being very white Their hind neck band is also a much paler orange-yellow.   On juveniles the underside is more yellow, all orange and yellow parts are paler, the beak is horn colored, and the eye is dark brown.