First Flight Exotic Birds

Sun conureConures are clowny birds. We love them for their great sense of humor, their fun-loving personality. With a little training, they usually can easily be trained to do tricks. Most may learn to talk. Conures, in general, love to snuggle under things, so providing them with a tightly woven wash cloth, soft piece of fabric, or fuzzy toy will be appreciated. A bird tent as a place to sleep and hand out is usually eagerly accepted and treasured. As they like to climb under pillows and blankets, care needs to be taken not to accidentally smother them.

They make great birds for those who don?t mind the occasional (or NOT so occasional) screeching outburst. This is something to be considered when thinking of adding a conure to your family. Conures can be VERY noisy and can also be nippy, if not trained and socialized properly. They do enjoy learning new tricks and can be very entertaining. They love to dance and can also be taught to go the toilet with a simple command such as toilet or poop.

Conures do require more time and effort than say a cockatiel or budgie. Please keep this in mind. Owners report that they are smart and interactive, but are also more prone to behavioral problems than are cockatiels or budgies - but this would be the case with any conure. They all require a committed owner who will work with their pets to guide their behavior, while cockatiels and budgies are beginner birds.