First Flight Exotic Birds

Baby MacawsBaby Macaws have many unique qualities as pets when purchased young and hand raised.  Playful, talkative and loving are just a few of the advantages of owning this beautiful bird.  Also, the bright colors  of Macaws are one of nature?s amazing accomplishments.  First Flight Exotic Birds has a large assortment of Baby macaws such as Blue and Golds, Scarlets, Militaries, Green Wings and more, as well as miniature Macaws such as Severes, Nobles, Hahns and More. Call for current available stock.


  1. Large cage- A Baby Macaw must be housed in as large a cage as possible. Cage size should be  a minimum of 24 inches x 36 inches. Macaws with especially long tails should have a cage 30 inches deep or more. Also make sure the bars are heavy duty and designed for large birds.
  2. Noise- Although macaws do not generally  scream all day long, their scream is loud .  So be careful not to spoil them!
  3. Needs sturdy toys- Always provide a variety of  heavy duty toys for your baby macaw. Strong wood such as manzanita or ribbonwood, as well as leather or plexiglass toys will keep your baby interested.

If a Baby Macaw sounds like a pet you would like, contact us for availablity .