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The Nanday Conures friendly and affectionate personality makes this intelligent bird a welcome addition to your home or aviary.

The Nanday Conure is a hardy bird that needs and enjoys large amounts of social stimulation. nanday conure This bird loves baths, and when acquired at a young age can be taught tricks and to speak. In the wild the Nanday Conure is very social, they are seen in flocks as small as six to as large as 40. In captivity the Nanday Conures likes living with groups of birds, but can be quite noisy if more than one of this breed are put together. Though individuals vary greatly in their noise making abilities; this is true of the Conures in general. Some may be much quieter than the quietest parrots, especially if they are the only Nanday. They will live quite well with other parrots or parakeets of the same size in a large aviary setting. The ideal place to keep your Nanday Conure is a large communal area that allows two or more square meters per pair of birds. Pelleted commercial food makes a great balanced diet in addition these wonderful birds should also be fed a variety of dark green and yellow vegetables, as well as fruits, chopped egg, cheese and other foods. Some keepers will also give additional vitamin supplements. Iceberg lettuce, cabbage, caffeine, avocado, and parsley should be avoided. Seeds can be fattening and often many birds will only choose the most fatty seeds and leave the healthier ones, for this reason seeds should be fed as treat rather than as a dietary staple. The Nanday Conure is known to be noisy in the early mornings and afternoon, as well as any time they are startled; however, Nandays are very adaptable and outgoing, and get used to their owners and keepers quickly. They will bond with one person or territory, and can be quite destructive if made unhappy due to inadequate socialization and stimulation. It should be noted that Conures like the Nanday often sleep on their backs. This could be alarming for a beginner who is not expecting it! In general, the Nanday Conure is easy to keep and makes an excellent pet for both the experienced hobbyist and the beginner.

The Nanday Conure is a mid-sized member of the parrot and macaw family. At maturity they will measure approximately 30cm or 12 in long. This birds size makes a large cage or aviary with plenty of perches and room to walk about and bathe ideal. The Nanday Conure is very colorful. Their bodies have greenish plumage overall, with the lowers parts of their bodies displaying a more yellowish green color. The head is black, and the upper part of the breast and throat are rich blue. The Nanday Conure has a black bill, brownish feet, and brown eyes with a white ring around them. The tail feathers are tipped in blue, with olive plumage on the upperside with black undersides. The flight feathers of the wings are also blue. The most striking feature about this bird is the reddish color of its leg feathers. The immature Nanday Conure has less pronounced colors than the adult, and the gender of the bird must be determined by DNA analysis or a surgical procedure, as the Conure is not sexually dimorphic.

This bird?s natural range is from the provinces of Formosa, Chaco, and Santa Fe in Argentina, to Mato Grosso in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The Nanday Conure often lives near settlements and towns that have access to lots of trees and other types of large foliage. They will live in a dry or humid climate. They have been known cause damage to farms and other cultivated areas. These Conures are often found in company with Monk Parakeets and near water holes, where they spend much of their time bathing; however, if they are startled into the trees and bushes, they are difficult to detect because of their green plumage.